We at Buffalo Airport Limo provide quality Richmond Hill Limo service to Buffalo Niagara International Airport.

We have seen this over some time that more and more people are opting to fly out of Buffalo Airport. Richmond Hill Limo Service to Buffalo AirportAnd for the residents of Richmond Hill, Buffalo Airport is a better option if you are flying to any destination in the United States. The distance from Richmond Hill to Buffalo Airport is 210 Kilometers and takes about 2 hours and 15 minutes to get to Buffalo Airport. We understand that it takes longer to drive to Buffalo Airport from Richmond Hill, Ontario but look at the savings on flight tickets. Most times Airfares from Buffalo Niagara International Airport to any destination in the USA are less than half price compared to Toronto Pearson Airport. We have a large number of regular clients traveling with us from Richmond Hill to Buffalo regularly. Even big corporate businesses make travel arrangements with us for their associates traveling from The Greater Toronto Area to Buffalo NY.

We have our head office and central Dispatch in Richmond Hill, but our drivers are based all around the Golden Horseshoe area. With Our Drivers based in Richmond Hill, we can get you in one of our limos to Buffalo Airport in no time. We recommend booking your Buffalo Airport ground transportation a day in advance; however, it is never a problem for us to provide you with a Richmond Hill Limo to Buffalo even on short notice. So when you call us to book your car service to Buffalo International Airport the driver will be dispatched right from our closest location to your pickup address ensuring an on-time pick-up and a stress-free travel to your destination.

Suppose you are just one person taking a Limo to Buffalo Airport from Richmond Hill, a small family, or a large group. In that case, we offer Buffalo Limousine Service starting from Lincoln Town car sedans and SUVs for families. You can also go for our range of Stretch Limos for your Travel to Buffalo International Airport. You may visit our Fleet Page or just call us at 416 907 0802(Canada) – 716 829 7205(United States) if you need help in selecting exclusive and customized Limo service to Buffalo from Richmond Hill.

Richmond Hill Limo Fares to Buffalo Niagara International Airport

*Please refer to our price list page for complete fare information.

We would like to bring to your attention that our drivers are hired for their driving skills, route knowledge, professionalism, and customer service and we are known for our ability to provide hassle-free travel to our clients beyond their expectations.

We are maintained to the highest standard of the Limo service and since we are providing Limo service from Richmond Hill to the United States be rest assured that we conduct regular checkups for all of our cars in the fleet. You will never be disappointed with the car or the service we provide you.

We understand that someone who hires a Limo is trying to make their travel comfortable and stress-free which means you need to trust the company. Here at Buffalo Airport limo, we are more than happy to go the extra mile to add that luxury to your travel from Richmond Hill to Buffalo. We have a dedicated team working to facilitate your travel inquiries and will be always there to ensure that your Limo ride will run smoothly, safely, and relaxed.

Why Fly from Buffalo Airport instead of Toronto Pearson Airport?

  1. The flights to destinations in The USA are less than half the price compared to Toronto Pearson Airport.
  2. You go through USA customs while sitting in the car and you don’t have to stand in long lines and wait for your turn at customs and Immigration.
  3. Buffalo Niagara International Airport is a small airport and you don’t have to walk miles to go to your flight gate.
  4. When you book a Toronto Airport Limo from Richmond Hill you are paying for the ride anyway, so by paying extra for Buffalo Airport Limo from Richmond Hill you still save a lot of money on your airfares. 
  5. Airport Limo service to Buffalo is a flat rate Limo service, so you don’t have to worry about paying extra if there is a wait at the border. Our Low flat rate will not change as we are not a metered taxi service to Buffalo Airport. One Flat rate limo to Buffalo Airport so enjoy your worry-free travel from Richmond Hill to Buffalo Airport.
  6. Enjoy duty-free shopping along with our Buffalo Airport Limo service as we do not charge extra to stop at the Duty Free Stores on your trip to and from Buffalo Airport.
  7. When you book your Limo from Buffalo Airport to Richmond Hill you don’t have to worry about handling your baggage at the Airport as our professional chauffeur meets and greets you in the baggage claim area. You just have to point out your bags on the baggage carousel and leave the rest to us. We will handle your bags from that point onwards right at your doorsteps.
  8. Now when you look at the total travel time from your home or location in Richmond Hill to your flight door, it comes out to be almost the same. You have to arrive at the airport 45 minutes before your flight time because your customs and immigration formalities have already been taken care of while you were crossing the border in the limo as opposed to 2 and half hours at Toronto Airport.       

We can go on and on to explain the benefits of taking a Limo from Richmond Hill to Buffalo International Airport and also would like to add that since we are a Canadian Limo Service you pay your fares in Canadian dollars. You will have a no-surprise credit card statement about the conversion charges due to the difference in rate between currencies.

So whenever you plan your next trip from Richmond Hill to a destination in the United States, just contact us and we will make your arrangements for your ground transportation to and from Buffalo Niagara International Airport.

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